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rideshare car rental

Rideshare has revolutionized public transport as it has made it easier for the public to secure a vehicle wherever they are. Whether on a busy street or a secluded part of town, it’s now easier to book a car with just a single tap on your phone.

Thanks to companies like Uber and Lyft, many now also see ridesharing as a viable income source for part-time and full-time drivers all over the country. All you need is a vehicle to launch a gig, whether part-time or full-time, as a rideshare driver.

However, using your own vehicle for ridesharing may also come with various disadvantages. For one, rideshare drivers can end up driving 200 miles a day or more, which equates to 6,000 miles a month or 72,000 miles a year. That could translate into a hefty sum for repairs, maintenance, and depreciation.

If you’re considering starting a gig as a driver for companies like Uber and Lyft, consider a rideshare car rental to ease the financial burden that comes with using your own vehicle. Below, we share a few benefits of renting over buying a car for ridesharing. 

Benefits Of Rideshare Car Rental

Hassle-Free Maintenance

There are many expenses associated with driving a vehicle for ridesharing. These could include permits, licenses, and inspections. But the most significant expense of all comes in the form of maintenance costs.

The amount of distance you cover each day driving around your passengers can take a toll on your vehicle. To ensure that passengers are as comfortable in your car as possible, you will need to subject your vehicle to regular tuneup and maintenance, not to mention repairs when it sustains damage over time.

Renting a car takes away all the hassle involved in owning a vehicle. The rental company will be responsible for all repairs and maintenance of your leased vehicle. You also don’t have to pay for insurance since it will also be covered in the fee. That way, you won’t have to worry about the upkeep of your vehicle because the company will shoulder everything.

Wide Range Of Vehicle Options

When it comes to choosing your vehicle, your choices tend to be very limited when you purchase, depending on your budget. But this limitation doesn’t exist with rental cars. Because of the low prices of rental vehicles, you have your pick of the lot on which car you want to drive. And with numerous companies today offering car rental services, your car rental choices are arguably unlimited.

When choosing a car rental company, make sure that the car you rent is registered and compatible with the rideshare company of your choice. That way, you don’t have to go through a lengthy process to start your gig. Also, keep in mind that renting a vehicle is always on a first-come-first-serve basis, so make sure to book your car early.

Low Risk and No Commitment

Buying a new car requires a sizeable investment and a long-term commitment, making it a substantial financial risk. If you’re still on the fence about ridesharing as a potential job choice, then taking on that risk promises to be a bad decision.

Rideshare car rental is a viable option when you are still considering being a rideshare driver and haven’t made a final decision yet. By renting a car, you can test the waters to determine whether ridesharing is indeed for you, without shelling out thousands of dollars and taking on significant risks. Of course, if you decide that ridesharing is not right for you, you can always return the vehicle at the end of your rental period. But if you did enjoy the experience, you can commit or consider other financing options.

Access to Vehicle in the Absence of a Stellar Credit History

Having a bad credit history can be a giant roadblock in buying a car unless you plan on paying for the vehicle in cash. Lenders will take a look at your credit history before you can be approved for a car loan. During this process, lenders will see whether you have a history of incurring high debts, making late payments, going through bankruptcy, or repossession. 

If you have a bad credit history, you could be granted a loan with exceedingly high interest rates or not be approved for a car loan at all. With rideshare car rental, however, all you need to do is pay the rental fee, and you are automatically approved, regardless of your credit score.

It Pays For Itself

As opposed to buying a car that you will have to pay for for years to come, one of the biggest benefits of renting a car for rideshare gigs is that the vehicle automatically pays for itself out of your earnings as a driver. All you have to do is give enough rides each week, and you will immediately have enough to cover the cost of car rentals. You can then start using the car for personal use or continue giving rides for higher profits. 

Unlimited Mileage for Business and Personal Use

Car mileage is never a concern when you don’t own the car you’re driving. Without any worries about car maintenance and depreciation, you gain the freedom of being able to drive long distances. Whether you’re using the car for giving rides or for personal use, you have the freedom to drive the car as much as often as you like – and earn as much as you like!

Round-the-Clock Roadside Assistance

When giving rides to passengers for extended periods of time, you are bound, at some point, to experience problems on the road. When this happens, you don’t have to worry because rideshare car rental companies like Rideshare Carz offer roadside assistance at no extra cost to you. Whatever problems you may encounter on the road, wherever you are, all you have to do is give us a call, and we will head straight to your location to help you get back on the road immediately.

How To Rent A Vehicle For Rideshare

Are you considering booking a rental car for your next ridesharing gig? Look no further than Rideshare Carz for fast and easy booking of your vehicle. Here’s how it works:

  1. Download the app from the Google Play Store on Android or the Apple App Store on iOS.
  2. Check the availability of the vehicle of your choice on the app.
  3. Book the vehicle of your choice once you’ve confirmed its availability.
  4. Pick up the vehicle from the rental location and enjoy unlimited mileage on your rental car for ridesharing.

Upon pick-up, present the following requirements:

  • Proof of driver app
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Credit or debit card
  • Valid phone number
  • Local address

Note: if you are a first-time renter, a $250 rental deposit is required before you can pick up your vehicle. The deposit will be refunded to your account upon returning your car at the end of the rental period. 

Rideshare Car Rental Made Easy With RideShare Carz

If you’re looking to start a ridesharing gig without lengthy commitments and additional expenses, then renting a car is the way to go. By renting your vehicle at RideShare Carz, you can enjoy the benefits of driving your own vehicle for ridesharing minus the hassle of paying for tolls, repairs, maintenance, and insurance. Don’t get stuck with the bill, and stick to driving on the road for maximum earnings. Let RideShare Carz take care of it. Book a car ride on the app today, or drop us a message if you want to learn more about our services.


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