About Us

RideShare Carz
RideShare Carz officially launched in May of 2021 and has now become the #1 resource for rideshare and delivery drivers to get connected to vehicles in the Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) Metroplex. Our mission is to provide rideshare and delivery drivers a hassle free opportunity to get into a vehicle and earn their income with flexible rental options. We include insurance, maintenance and TOLLS in our rental price and aim to deliver a superior customer experience by maintaining all of our vehicles on-site. 
One thing that sets us apart is Shamus’ personal experience as a rideshare driver. He has given over 4,000 rides and has a 4.9 star rating on Uber. His first-hand knowledge of multiple driver and delivery platforms allows us to customize our experience to better serve our drivers.

What We Offer:

RideShare Carz
A One-Stop Shop
Our maintenance team is stocked with lifts, parts & supplies so that our trained technicians are able to tackle the wear and tear that our vehicles are put through from rideshare & delivery driving. Vehicle repairs, oil changes & tire repair are all handled right from our main location on the corner of Northwest Highway and Centerville Road in Garland Texas.
RideShare Carz
Rewards for Drivers
We offer rewards for both new & existing drivers. This includes a first-time renter special, discounted weekly/monthly rates, our referral program & giveaways.
RideShare Carz
Driver Seminars
COMING SOON!! – We plan to hold educational on-site & virtual seminars in which we provide tips for earning the most amount of cash as a gig-worker, balancing numerous earning platforms as well as keeping drivers updated on changes in the gig-working industry.